Thursday, November 27, 2008

1471. A cord adjuster, "for adjusting the length of electric drop light cords", patent number 1,128,305.

1472. A Spinoff Fish Scaler, patent number 2,835,919:

1473. A beveling band used in pipeline welding, it would be clamped to one of the pipes being welded together, and in the case of automated welding, a motor-driven apparatus with multiple welders is clamped to the band, and then travels along it, and around the outside of the pipe, as seen in this video.

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1474. "The American Bull Dog Boot Jack", used for removing boots, patent number 329,576.

1475. This was photographed at the Hay Tools Museum, it's a fork for lifting hay.

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1476. These are gun making devices from the 1870's, they were used by Joseph Rider to produce Remington-Rider derringer and magazine pistols.

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The magazine pistol is patent number 118,152.

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Shot at the Frazier International History Museum

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